During their time at Beavers, Beavers can earn a number of badges.  The position of these badges on the uniform can be found here.

A Beaver can obtain Challenge Badges (black and red hexagons) simply by attending Beavers regularly. We ensure that our programme covers everything the Beaver needs to earn these badges over the 2 years that they are with us. There are currently 6 Challenge Badges.

Activity Badges (round with a yellow background) can be earned by the individual Beaver at home. If your Beaver has worked towards a badge, please let one of the Beaver Leaders know and we will find time at a meeting to look at their badge with them.  We also often work towards Activity Badges at our meetings. There are over 20 Activity Badges for Beavers.

There are 15 Staged Activity Badges (round with a blue background) which can be earned throughout a child’s time in the Scout Movement and which have numbers on them to indicate what level the child has reached. These are for activities like swimming, nights away and hikes, where a child’s long term involvement in an activity is rewarded. This means that a young person can gain whichever badge is appropriate to the level they have reached. It is possible, for example, for a Beaver Scout who is an excellent swimmer to gain a higher level badge than a Scout who has just started swimming. These badges can be moved onto their new uniform when they go up to Cubs and Scouts.

When a Beaver has got all 6 of the challenge badges plus 4 activity or staged badges, they are eligible for the Chief Scout’s Bronze Award. This is the highest award a Beaver can get and when a Beaver moves on to Cubs, it is worn on their Cub uniform too until they earn their Silver Award.