Moving on to Cubs

When your child is about 8 years’ old, they can move up to Cubs.

For a few weeks before they leave, they can attend both Beaver and Cub meetings, so that they feel comfortable and know what to expect when they start Cubs full time.  You will be told when this is and told when and where those meetings will be.

At their last meeting of Beavers, there will be a “swimming up” ceremony.  Families are invited to attend the ceremony which is normally 10 minutes before the end of the meeting.  Again you will be told about this before the event.  Your Beaver should come to the meeting as usual in their Beaver jumper but bring their new (and LABELLED!) Cub sweatshirt with them.

When a Beaver moves up to Cubs, certain badges can be sewn onto their Cub uniform once they have been invested as Cubs. These are:

1st Emmbrook name tag

Wokingham District badge (green oak tree)

Berkshire County badge (green stag)

The World Scout badge (round, purple and white)

Joining in badges (small square stars with numbers in)

The Moving on Award

Bronze Chief Scout Award (oval, orange and blue), if obtained

Any Staged Activity badges (blue round), if obtained

You might like to sew any other badges on your child’s camp blanket, to keep as a momento of everything they have achieved so far.